Emotional Assertiveness Seminar helps to increase both performance and trust.

Managers know that their greatest corporate asset is their people. It is therefore imperative to invest in the development of staff. People who communicate and form healthy relationships enhance morale which, in turn, leads to more effective teams. Staff are also proactive representatives of organisations.   
Most human beings work at the top of their efficiency when they are a part of a healthy functional group or team.
Emotional Assertiveness is the key to facilitating a healthy environment where cooperation and alignment are a feature of the team ethos.
This is achieved by creating a culture where bonding and teamwork are at the centre of the corporate value system.
Through developing their emotional assertive communication style the manager models and supports similar behaviours within the group.

In this module, managers and team members learn how to be in touch with what is most healthy in their emotional expressions and to extinguish those behaviours that lead to unproductive competitiveness and conflict.

From years of research on effective corporations, we know that where the corporate values are focussed upon developing excellent people skills, companies become more efficient and profitable. We also know that teams reach synergy through stages of team development and this is clear from the work of Tuckman showing that a team must reach the performing stage of development before synergy is achieved.

The Emotional Assertiveness model helps employees at all levels develop the skills to affect healthy and effective human relationships, skills essential to working together cooperatively and to facilitate teams reaching the performing stage of development. Great products are vital and great people are even more so, this is where companies can gain an edge.