Emotional Assertiveness International provides both business and public organizations and individuals with training and coaching services and will help you to understand the emotional aspects of human behaviour. It will facilitate building relationship based on authenticity and trust. We train professional trainers, coaches and consultants, and certify them in the application of the model. The training is designed to enhance their performance by upskilling them in emotional assertiveness techniques.

Applied Emotional Intelligence for Managers

Business is conducted thorough people. And performant teams need effective cooperation and strong trust between team members. We teach both leaders and followers how to overcome negative conflicts and to build strong attachments and autonomy for achieving high performance and personal well-being. Find Out More


Are you facing an emotionally challenging situation in your personal life or in your job? We offer individual and group coaching. Choose a coach and move forward improving your life and your relationship Find Out More

Enrol on a Certification course in the Emotional Assertiveness Model  for trainers & coaches

Coaching is usually connecting situational and personal analysis to associated emotions. Being able to understand the emotional aspects of the situation, to differentiate between authentic and and cover-up emotions is a necessary skill for coaches. Our professional certification provides coaches and trainers with both knowledge and skills for managing emotions in coaching sessions and in seminars. We focus on providing a secure environment for the safe expression of emotions, especially in group context. Find Out More