John Parr

Founder & Certifying Master Trainer

MSc. PCM & PTM Certifying Master Trainer, CTA (Certified Transactional Analyst (Psychotherapy)

Our representative in the UK
John has managed his own consultancy since January 1988, working as a management and training consultant to multinational organisations. He specialises in designing tailor-made training solutions and is recognised for his work in the field of stress management. His focus is on emotional intelligence and in human relationships in the workplace. John has developed a new and unique model for training emotional intelligence, called Emotional Assertiveness.

John’s first profession was electronic engineering and he has also been a Human Resource Manager in a multinational company. John has served on many international committees and is Past Chair of the ITA (UK TA Association), Past President of the European Transactional Analysis Association,  Past Vice-President of the ITAA (International TA Association) and Past co-Chair of ITAA Ethics Committee. He has first-hand knowledge of working cross-culturally having lived in Romania for six years, where he managed his consulting business and established a thriving new Transactional Analysis Community.

He is the author of a PCM book ‘Parlez-vous Personality’.


Victoria Mikhailova

Master Trainer

Victoria Mikhailova is an Emotional Assertiveness Master Trainer and an international leadership coach.

She has extensive expertise working with leaders developing their personal and professional growth and expertise in organisational transformation.

Driven by the desire of achieving tangible results, Victoria uses a large palette of knowledge and skills from the field of business and psychology.

Mrs Mikhailova is also a Master Trainer of the Process Communication Model and Organizational healthspan diagnostic.

She holds the Executive Coaching certificate from HEC-Paris and is a member of ICF and EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization). She is a Foreign Trade Counsellor of France.

Victoria is also a certified consultant in Stephen Karpman Model, Generative Coaching (Robert Dilts and Stephe Gilligan), Emotional Competencies and Skills and Evaluating Truthfulness and credibility (Paul Ekman). Victoria Mikhailova is an Academic Director of programs at Moscow School of Management Skolkovo and leads Leadership programs at HEC-Paris.

Prior to becoming a coach and consultant, Victoria worked in Executive positions in international companies (Savencia, Smoby) and was a partner in entrepreneurial ventures.

Now she is a co-founder and director of Sensemakers. Victoria holds a MBA of HEC-Paris and MA of Arabic philology from University of Saint-Petersburg.

Victoria is fluent in Russian, French, English and Polish and works with clients worldwide.


Aida Vardanian

Master Trainer

Aida Vardanyan is an executive coach, transformational coach and a counselling psychologist in transactional analysis and EMDR. Her expertise in executive and organizational coaching focuses on leadership, corporate strategy, change management, organizational and personal transformation, emotional intelligence, effective communication and conflict resolution.

Aida integrates her business, management, coaching and psychotherapeutic knowledge into a cohesive system of personal and organizational development, and believes that understanding psychodynamics of human behaviour and motivation is key to contemporary leadership.

Ms. Vardanyan is a Certified Master Trainer of Emotional Assertiveness and Certified Trainer of Process Communication Model. She holds Professional Coach ICU certification and is a member of the European Association of Transactional Analysis (EATA) and St. Petersburg Organization of Transactional Analysis (SOTA).

Aida also holds a Master of Business Administration degree as a graduate of TCU Neeley School of Business (2003, USA). Prior to becoming a coach, trainer and counselling psychologist Aida has been a Partner, the Head of Strategy & Change Group and a member of the Executive Committee of Troika Dialog Investment Bank (Russian Federation). She has worked over 15 years as an internal and external consultant on corporate management. As a coach and psychologist, she has worked with Skolkovo Moscow School of Management and organizations and executives in a wide range of industries, both local and international. Her clients include large corporations, small and medium companies and private individuals across the world.

Aida is fluent in Russian and English and open for coaching, training and counselling opportunities worldwide.


Timur Sokolov

Certified Trainer​

Timur is an experienced business trainer.

He specialises in Team Performance and in strategic aspects of Management. Timur is a PCM certified trainer.

Timur speaks Russian and English.

Victor Pashchenko

Certified Trainer​

Victor is an experienced business trainer and marketing expert.

Previously Victor was a Marketing Director of an international media holding. Victor is a PCM certified trainer.

Victor speaks Russian and English.

Dana Grigoras

Certified Trainer​

Dana is an experienced business trainer.

She has extensive experience as a Manager of Business in international companies.

She speaks Romanian and English.

Richard van der Veen

Certified Trainer​

Richard is an experienced Financial Manager and business trainer. He has many years of working experience as a manager and strategist in IT and Finance in multinational finance companies in The Netherlands and the UK. He specialises in Team Performance and Business Strategy. Richard holds degrees in Economics, Auditing and is a certified PCM Trainer.

Richard speaks Dutch and English.

Debbie van der Veen

Certified Trainer​

Debbie is an experienced business trainer (PCM certified and applying Transactional Analysis), Brain Based trained Results Coach and in training to become a psychotherapist. Previously, Debbie worked as a Human Resources Manager and as Company Secretary for a multinational finance company and she has significant entrepreneurial experience.

Debbie holds an MSc in Law and Educational Science.

Debbie speaks English and Dutch.

Anna Airiyan

Certified Trainer​

Anna is a PCM business trainer, TA psychotherapist, advisor in personal branding and style. She has extensive experience in marketing.

Anna speaks Russian & English.

Corinne Mc Devitt

Master Trainer

Corinne is a PCM business trainer & business expert.

She has extensive experience in marketing, sales and tourism.

Corinne’s expertise includes leadership training, workplace transformation, public speaking, group workshops, eLearning and digital learning solutions across global and local organisations.

Corinne speaks English & Japanese.

Sergey Shushanov

Certified Trainer

Sergey is a PCM business trainer, movie director and producer.

Sergey speaks Russian & English

Ludmila Fateeva

Certified Trainer​

Ludmila is a PCM trainer, coach, a TA psychotherapist and she has extensive experience in the IT industry.

Ludmila speaks Russian & German.

Martinne Heckscher

Certified Trainer

Martinne is a certified EAI trainer.  She is driven to improve communication – especially in stressful situations – as it impacts teams and organisations negatively.

She has a background in sales and project leadership in large multinationals such as IBM and Accenture.  Since 2016, she has run her own company working as an independent consultant in Denmark.   Emotional Assertiveness is a key ingredient for leading critical and complex projects whether it is negotiation or making critical in the moment decisions.  Her coaching spans contract management, commercial implications and communication for better outcomes for the individual and the organisation she supports.


SimCorp has been very satisfied with the consultancy/negotiation assistance provided by Martinne in our Microsoft EA renewal.

In a very short timeframe she managed with her clear communications skills to set the “scene” for the negotiations with Microsoft. The whole negotiation process was run smoothly and undramatic, both teams were positively engaged. No “tough or negative” negotiations were needed, due to communicating our expectations of the process to Microsoft early in the project.

She also possesses strong stakeholder management skills, which is a must in a Microsoft negotiation scenario. For example, SimCorps Executive management were involved from the first day, by sending a clear message to Microsoft management of their expectations. All in all, it resulted in very good deal for SimCorp.

I can highly recommend Martinne for any negotiation project.

Alexandra Sava

Certified Trainer

My work is my life journey. Over the last 20 years, I have accumulated hands on experience in management, communication and leadership, training and coaching, personal and team leadership and development.

Each stage in my diverse professional journey brought new and complex insights, skills, and experience. These in turn bring relevance to the training and coaching programs, and the agility to see and understand people, situations and needs from different points of view.

As a trainer, I have always been searching for practical tools: complex yet clear and simple to use. I discovered PCM in 2006 and I became the first certified trainer in Romania. Over the years, participants have evaluated PCM as the most useful communication tool for improving personal and professional relationships and work performance.

At present, I work as trainer, consultant and coach in the fields of communication, leadership, team development and personal transformation.

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