The importance of Emotional Intelligence in achieving success at work and in our day to day lives has been discussed in many books over the past twenty-five years or more. People like Daniel Goleman and the Dalai Lama have contributed much about this topic. However, few of the books have shown how to develop your skills at being Emotionally Intelligent. John Parr developed a logical model explaining the functions of emotions that he calls Emotional Assertiveness. He has developed seminars for people who desire to live an emotionally fulfilled life. The Emotional Assertiveness seminar is designed specifically to offer personal development in being Emotionally Assertive. In the process of training, you will develop and fine-tune these skills. This training is specifically designed to encourage personal growth and development and hone skills delegates already possess.

​Our organisation teaches coaches and professional trainers who want to help people to be more assertive. With this, you will be amongst a growing body of individuals equipped to facilitate people in practicing these skills, not only in their personal lives but also in the workplace.

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What is Emotional Assertiveness?

Assertiveness is the act of calmly saying what one wants and then being willing to repeat it whilst remaining calm and respectful. In the process, this encourages others to ‘hear’ how important an issue is to you. It is about maintaining a win / win attitude whilst standing one’s ground.

Assertiveness is about persistence, calmness, standing firm, being confident and being willing to find the win / win outcome. It is often associated with aggression; however, this is a misconception, aggression is far from assertive, rather it is manipulative.

Emotional assertiveness is the act of assertively expressing one’s authentic emotions with the clear objective to strengthen and deepen friendship and cooperation. As such, it is an essential building block of healthy families, teams and organisations.

What is the Emotional Assertiveness model?

The Emotional Assertiveness Model was developed by John Parr MSc, whilst researching and writing his MSc thesis.

During the 1990’s many authors wrote about the importance of being Emotionally Intelligent, but none of them described how one could develop their capacity to be Emotionally Intelligent.

Effectively they suggest that you either did or did not possess a high EQ (Emotional Quotient).

John’s hypothesis was that we are all born with the capacity to express emotion authentically and it was during the school of life that we learned how to be less able to be open and honest about our emotions.

This being the case, it is possible to unlearn our bad habits and recover our natural ability to use our emotions in a healthy way. He therefore developed the model to achieve just that.