Why John Parr created Emotional Assertiveness Model

“I first saw the importance of applying Emotional Assertiveness in the practice of psychotherapy and quickly discovered how effective the model was in facilitating fast and effective personal development with my clients.”

As part of my Masters degree thesis, I wrote some case studies to support my theories. My clients agreed to me sharing the information. I began to teach the model to clients as a means of self-help and they found this very beneficial. They gained a working knowledge of the model and could use it in doing homework, thus speeding up the process of their therapy. Eventually, I developed a training seminar not just for clients, but also for other interested parties like therapists and counsellors. I designed a program to work with teams and individuals in the corporate world. As the feedback was always very positive and there were clear indicators of personal development in the delegates, I was persuaded to take the model and develop it into a package that could be offered to other trainers to use under licence. My principle motive is based upon a love for people, I am committed to seeing humans master the practice of developing healthy, respectful and effective relationships. Whilst I have no illusions that this will prove world changing, if it touches the lives of those who learn it, I will be satisfied.” John Parr

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